Portrait Series

Deep in his editing process, Andri took the time to send over some beautiful images from a series of portraits that he has done.
Stay tuned next week for more updates on Andri, including a special video that’s our friends at the Invisible Photographer Asia will be putting up soon!

A young man who is open with his HIV-positive status. © Andri Tambunan

From Andri:

“In addition to shooting a documentary style photographs, I also shot a portrait series. ODHA or (Orang dengan HIV/AIDS) is a term often used to describe people with HIV/AIDS. In Papua, the stigma against people living with HIV/AIDS is high and this label is associated with disgrace and death.  As a result, most people living with HIV/AIDS keep their status a secret due to fear of discrimination and physical attacks.

For this series, I photographed these people in their homes or in a place where the feel comfortable, and sometimes with family members whom they trust. They are mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, young, and old. Each of them have unique stories and they face many great challenges.

They are strong and yet fragile, optimistic about the future but also despondent of the present. Ultimately, I want the viewer to connect and see themselves in these portraits.”

A young wife who is HIV-positive, but who still keeps her status from her husband. ©Andri Tambunan

A husband and wife who are both HIV-positive. ©Andri Tambunan

A mother and her HIV-positive daughter who she supports. ©Andri Tambunan

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