Project Update: June 2012

It has been almost six months since Andri Tambunan won the 2011 Reminders Project Asian Photographers Grant.
We caught up with the busy man to ask about his project and what he was working on now:

After winning the Grant in 2011, I continued working of the project and stayed in Papua (visiting Jayapura, Wamena, Oksibil, Manokwari, and Sorong) for almost 6 months with a brief detour back to Jakarta to extend my visa.

I am back in my hometown, Sacramento, CA. I spent a week, almost 12 hours a day, scanning my negatives and going through my images. After that, I was so drained and I just took a week’s break to put my life back in order; unpacking, going through almost a year’s worth of mails, servicing my camera equipments, cleaning, catching up on sleep, filing my income tax, and just catching up with friends and families.

I plan to be here for a couple of months, going back to Jakarta on August 1.  The project will consume most of my time here so I figured that it would be best to get those things out of the way asap.  At any rate I decided to go back to Sacramento because here I would have access to resources at my disposal to complete the project.

I am currently working on the production phase of the project.  I will be working with former National Geographic Editor Mike Davis and he will help me to put together the visual narration of the photo essay.  I will be putting together a book that I will be sending out to NGOs to address the issues in Papua.  Finally, I plan to create 8-10 minute multimedia piece combining stills, video, and audio that I shot.  I am looking for a multimedia editor to help me put it together.

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