Words from Jury Panel

“This story was one of my favourites. I found it compelling, well researched and genuinely news breaking. Most stories on AIDS today are from Africa and usually focus on the victims and a fight for recovery. This takes a different and harsher look, and is much broader in scope. It starts with an establishing shot of the mountains of Papua then moves into the very poor communities and onto the hopeless final stage of aids victims.

The story takes us further to NGO’s work, into brothels and even sites of cheap urban prostitution. The black and white photography is well chosen for gritty almost undercover reportage and gives a sense of being on the scene and in the story outside of restriction and security. It’s compelling and thrilling because there is a real sense of risk taking and dangerous commitment to get this story.

Fantastic story and a well deserved winner. Greenpeace will want to meet up with Andri for future assignments.”

– John Novis, Head of Photography, Greenpeace International

“Andri’s photos tell a powerful and important story, showing how often people living on the fringe of society are forgotten. His work shows how pervasive the lack of knowledge is, and the people’s fear towards the disease and having to cope with it.”

– Dirk Claus, Photoeditor Asia, Stern Magazine

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