Andri Tambunan


Born in Jakarta, Indonesia (b. 1981), I moved to the United States at age 10.  I picked up the camera for the first time in high school.  I received my degree in Photography from Sacramento State University with an emphasis in Fine Art.

In 2008, after years of working in the corporate world and not pursuing my passion, I quit my job and decided to travel the world.  However, I found myself in the middle of Nov. 26 terrorist attack in Mumbai, India.  My first instinct was to grab my cameras and document the series of events that followed.

Initially photography started as a medium to record a moment in time just in case my memory fails.  As for self-expressions, the camera was a window to convey and view the world through my distinct view of reality.  Nevertheless, I’ve come to understand that photography is and has always been an instrument of social change.

I returned to the States in 2009, sold most of my possessions, and re-study photography with a journalistic approach emphasizing on social documentary issues.  In the past I have worked on documentary projects in Indonesia, China, India, Haiti, and Thailand.

I am now based in Jakarta, Indonesia focusing on long-term documentary projects on social issues that often goes unnoticed or rarely receive media attention.  My photographs have received recognition from Pictures of the Year International (POYi) Emerging Vision Incentive, Reminders Project Asian Photographers Grant, and International Photography Awards (IPA).


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